HHD 5780/2019

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Or Hadash Synagogue, it is my great pleasure to inform you that Cantor/Rabbi Brian Reich, will again be leading our High Holy Day services for 5780/2019.  

Those of you who have celebrated with us last year know how delighted we are to have Cantor Brian on board. His greatest joy comes from inspiring the community he is serving and from encouraging participation whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Cantor Brian has everything it takes to make our celebrations meaningful, spiritual, musical and purposeful. His rich life experience, his great knowledge, remarkable skills and talents, and most of all, his warm personality and kindness make him a delight to have among us. I am closing this HHD pre-announcement with Cantor Brian’s own words.

“There is nothing I would rather do than spending time and space, prayers, music and thoughts with the entire Or Hadash Community.”

I invite the Jewish community in the Northern York Region to attend High Holy Day services at Or Hadash Synagogue to experience a truly inspiring journey into the essence of Judaism. More information regarding our upcoming High Holy Day services 5780/2019 will posted in due time.

Herman Yeger, President