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Yom Shishi, 4 Sivan 5775
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  • Tanya Sermer and Avi Bar-Eitan
    Exciting news! Please scroll down... Tanya Sermer and Avi Bar-Eitan

Or Hadash Synagogue is honoured to announce that High Holy Day Services, Rosh HaShanah 5776 (September 14, 2015), will be conducted by Tanya Sermer and Avi Bar-Eitan.

Tanya and Avi bring great warmth and spirituality to High Holy Day services. We hope that everyone will join us for the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur observances, and for an experience that is something truly special.

Tanya Sermer and Avi Bar-Eitan hail from Jerusalem. They both hold doctorates in musicology and bring their love of and expertise in Jewish, Israeli, and Middle Eastern music traditions to Or Hadash. Tanya grew up in the Reform movement in Toronto and has served as a Jewish educator and service leader across Canada and the U.S. She will be working as a post-doctoral fellow at the Hebrew University during the 2015-16 year. Avi grew up in Jerusalem, has taught for many years at the Hebrew University, the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and other educational institutions, and is a prolific composer, conductor, and performer. Tanya and Avi both have extensive backgrounds in formal and informal Jewish education, service leading, and Torah study, and are thrilled to be joining Or Hadash for the High Holy Days.  For further biographical details please click here.

To purchase tickets please contact:

Susan Raifman: susnram@hotmail.com


Heidi Irwin: hsirwin@collinsbarrow.com