On Saturday, August 6th, 2016, Or Hadash went on the road, celebrating its first annual "Summer Shul" Shabbat Service in the quaint little tourist town of Port Perry. The weather was spectactlar and everyone enjoyed relaxing and chatting while sharing a sumptuous breakfast on the deck of our eastern-most Or Hadash member.

Following breakfast, we moved indoors for the service. Parshat Matot generated a lively discussion around the change in moral values that have occurred over the centureis and how this shows the work of Tikkun Olam in action. At the conclusion of the service, we said together Kiddush and Motzi and enjoyed a piece of a home-baked Challah.

Then, those who wanted to explore the waterfront and downtown of Historic Port Perry headed off together for an afternoon of discovery. All in all it was a wonderful day, enjoyed by all. 

Below slideshow has captured some memories for everybody. You may either enjoy it through autoplay or by clicking on the right arrowhead to move pictures forward. 

Peter and Herman were the first ones who showed up for this year's Summer Shul event.

As usual, we started our Shabbat celebration with a delicious breakfast.

Susan, Larry, Herman, Ray, Sabina and Peter

Paul, Nicole and David joined us too

Then Sofia and Aleks arrived

Breakfast was delicious!

Happy Smiles!

We have a minyan! Ray, Susan, Larry, Nicole, Paul, Sofia, Aleks, Herman, Peter, Sabina and Howie.

Learning together...

Reading parshat Matot

Would you like some challah?

Strolling along the shores of Lake Scugog

Exploring Downtown Port Perry

...and Port Perry's music